The project states that EU Green Deal and Just Transition are fundamental aspects needing more attention as they are forward-looking and there is a need, consistent with the EU priorities, to become part of education Programmes.

More specifically, provides broad knowledge on the mix of sustainability social and economic dynamics, sustainable designing, democratic management, social/environmental/economic impact of every entrepreneurial activity, growth without exclusions and it can generate broad green skills. In this sense the project has a threefold scope and related objectives:

The project will develop activities in three directions towards a concrete approach:

Activities of developing innovative and student- centered educational material on EU Green and Just Transition unfolding the overall green efforts and green global leadership of the EU. The material will be supported through an interactive e-learning website and platform. Moreover, a guide of EU just transition projects, best practices and real-life case studies will be developed towards enhancing the practical aspects.

Activities in the sphere of teaching and learning by introducing a unique intensive programme of 5 ECTS credits for students, graduates and youth workers. Moreover, seminars and roundtables will take place for students with engagement of policy makers and industry experts from across the EU. The programme will help the institutions to serve their wider social role in providing knowledge in EU policies and exchange experiences.

Policy briefs on the Just Transition and the role of universities targeting staff and stakeholders as it is fundamental staff and stakeholders to acquire knowledge in the role of universities in embedding EU policies.