The Project 

Just Transition expresses EU socio-economic model which is crafted in inclusive values and environmental-friendly policy. Higher education institutions and other organizations are trying to respond to the need of promoting EU Green policies and Just Transition through teaching and learning along with promoting this context to local/regional/national/supranational stakeholders.

The central idea of the project is to implement and promote the framework of the EU Green Deal and Just Transition Mechanism as recent core EU policies which will shape its future the next decades, while the vision is a comprehensive teaching and learning material accompanied with a novel e-Intensive Learning Programme linked with 5 ECTS.

In Practice

In practical terms, the response of why this project matters can be found in the Just Transition annex of the recently launched European semester report for each country (EC, 2020). To underline the importance of successfully implementing the EU Just Transition projects, the failure means a high carbon economy with an environmental disaster with consequences for many generations. When at the same time, as the Just Transitions have a socioeconomic impact for the participating countries and regions for the period 2021-2027 the participating countries for investments against climate change and low-carbon economy will receive in millions of euros (e.g. Greece-755, Cyprus-94, Bulgaria-1,178, France-937, Spain-790)
Higher education institutions need to forge “learning unions” and partnerships between them to integrate skills and approaches for mutual knowledge sharing in the field of EU Green Deal and Just Transition. It is crucial for the promotion of the EU policies and enhancement of the institutional capacity of the organizations to collaborate with each other and engage as many actors as they can through the material and initiatives produced. The participating organizations need to develop teaching and learning material along with intensive learning Programmes to respond to modern challenges offering an up-to date platform of knowledge